How about a big fat stogie with that dessert?


I admit I've puffed on a few in my lifetime. Always felt, and smelled like crap the next day. Not sure if it was the Stogie or the humongous amount of booze that usually went along with it.  

I've given up the habit, or almost. When I stopped in a "Tempio del Gusto" in Spoleto I just had to order the Cigar smoked Tiramisu. I figured I was either going to be handed a stogie to suck on in between bites of the creamy coffee flavored treat or an old Italian dude would be blowing smoke in my face. Either way I was hooked.

As the waiter poured us a glass of Vin Santo, my dessert showed up covered in a glass lid. The old Italian guy must have already gone back to his smoke. As the waiter set it down he lifted the lid and up wafted a cloud of cigar smoke. It was friggin amazing. I swear, it was like I was smoking and eating and drinking all at the same time. Can't get much better than that. 

I was able to sneak back into the kitchen thank you Chef Eros, yes, that really is his name. He showed me the tiny little machine that burns cigar smoke and pumps it around your dessert before they capture it with a lid. Crazy fun and I can just imagine the possibilities, cheese, drinks, nuts.... endless.

Not sure what contraption they are using but I recommend