A Whimsical day in the Countryside - Nekromanteio, Greece

First off the Temple of Nekromantelon - A eerie temple that is devoted to Hades and Persephone. Nekromantelon means “Oracle of Dead” The believers came here to talk to their dead ancestors about the past and the future. It was a tricky undertaking as the dead were a spiteful and pissy lot. Before they could pose their questions, believers had to undergo a crazy ritual involving 39 days of eating broad beans, pork, barley, oysters and a type of hallucinogen before sacrificing black sheep. Once the 39 days were up they posed the questions to the “oracle” who the dead would use as a vessel for their answers (this involved a lot of chanting, speaking in tongue and flying about using theatrical cranes).

We topped this off with a swim in the River Acheron(Sixt) - FREEZING COLD- Greek mythology states that the newly dead would be ferried across the Acheron in order to enter the Underworld

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